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Проект Writing Poems in English

Проект Writing Poems in English

Скажите, а вы писали когда-нибудь стихи? А на английском языке? Наши студенты из группы SF 6 пишут! Да еще какие! Но, конечно же, не без специальной подготовки. Вместе со своим преподавателем Морозовой Натальей они сначала изучили особенности английской поэзии, сравнили стихотворные размеры, существующие в русском и английском, потренировались в подборе рифм и построении стихотворений по заданному размеру и, наконец, попробовали свои силы в написании «белых стихотворений» на английском языке.

Soul Story

by Bednov Denis and Baklygina Anna

Once upon a time

I was going through the forest

Enjoying beautiful views

And listening to birds signing.

The river was flowing

Through the stones

It looked like a blue ribbon.

This made me think

Of how my life is good.

And, suddenly, a bear

Jumped out of the bushes..!

And asked me how it could get to the shop.

Suddenly facing

by Nagin Pavel and Kolesnik Ksenya

We were travelling

Through the wild green jungles

Noticing a rattle snake

Fluttering on the branch.

It looked like a vine.

We got very frighted,

So our bare legs flashed

Like the lightning.

Madness and fake

by Kovalenok Yaroslav and Maslakova Natalya

When I was wandering very slowly

Down the old street

Gazing at people passing by

I saw three banknotes

Floating down the river.

It looked like a fortune

And unbelievable pipe-dream.

I started feeling like fluttering up and down

Suddenly I realized

That I lost my way and mind.

Not hesitating for one minute

I jumped into the river from the bridge,

Flying 100 metres.

Unfortunately, I understood

It was a fake,

Turning to my disappointment

Into 3 small birds.

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